St. John

In an old smokehouse just north of Smithfield meat market you will find whitewashed walls, industrial-style lights, and bare floorboards, which is how things have been since it opened back in 1994: St. John. Probably the most consequent Haute-Cuisine concept not only in London: As simple as ingenious ... pure, pure and again: pure. Fergus Henderson cooks straightforwardly like hardly anyone else, with a convincing attitude: from nose to tail – he and his colleagues simply process everything.

Definitely try it, because it says everything about this style of cooking: The bone marrow! The Times writes about this: »Some restaurants have a signature dish. A great glittering erection from deep in the chef’s id that’s supposed to be a proclamation of everything they stand for. St. John never had a signature dish. There is bone marrow on toast, served with a salad at the Smithfield mothership, but that’s not a signature, it’s a manifesto. It’s saying that the most glorious things are simple, often old-fashioned and, like a work of art, benefit from isolating, contextualising and contemplating.«

And, not to create false expectations, this restaurant is nothing for vegetarians …

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By far the best Instagram account of a British star restaurant ... A

26 St. John Street, Barbican,
London EC1M 4AY,
Vereinigtes Königreich

Last visited on the 20th of October 2019

Authored by Boris Kochan

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